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Why Do I Need My Auto Detailed?

Your automobile probably spends most of the time outdoors. As a result, your car is exposed to sunlight and other environmental hazards including the sun, dirt, smog and acid rain, that over time will deteriorate your auto's paint finish. Dirt and grime rubbed in while washing and drying can also cause fine scratches that will eventually dull your autos surface. Detailing your auto will restore your cars finish by removing the imperfections in the paint followed by applying a quality carnauba wax that will restore your paints gloss and depth. A good coat of wax will also protect your cars surface from the elements, including sunlight, bugs and bird droppings.

                                    Hand Car Wash & Wax Services

Bring your old car back to showroom condition with our hand wash and wax services from Unique's Auto Care LLC in Sanford, Florida. We hand wash,vacuum and utilize the Two-Bucket wash method for your car to prevent any scratches. Prices vary based on the size of the vehicle and condition. Times may also vary depending on services performed.

The Works - Full Detail

Our team Hand washes with PH Balanced citrus soap, dries with waffle weave towel, blow dries cracks & crevices, and waxes your vehicle. To give your car the best possible look, we hand wash your car using the two-bucket wash method, clay bar/nano scrub to prepare the vehicles paint to remove embedded contamination that still remains after a maintenance wash so that your paint will be as smooth as glass. We also apply carnauba wax by machine before removing it by hand. Not only do we wash the exterior of your car, we also clean your interior such as: door & trunk jambs, windows,mirrors & more.

The works includes:

  • Full Exterior Hand Wash

  • Interior Vacuum of cracks, crevices & trunk

  • Wipe Down Dash

  • Bug & Tar removal

  • Plastic trim sealing

  • Clean Rims,Tires & wheel wells

  • Carpet,Mat & Seat Shampooing & Steam

  • Nano Skin/Clay Bar to remove contaminents

  • Door Jams & Trunk Jamb cleaned

  • Vinyl & Plastic Cleaning & conditioning

  • Interior Leather cleaning & conditioning

  • Engine Shampoo

  • Fragrance

  • Premium Wax

  • Tire Dressing

                             **Must Have Maintenance Package**

(This package is perfect for after purchase of:THE WORKS, GLOSS ENHANCEMENT & PAINT CORRECTION SERVICES & OPTI-COAT)

Unique's auto care maintenance package is the most time, energy and money efficient way for anyone in Sanford Florida to keep there car looking its very best. Each maintenance package ensures the proper care of not just the paint of your car but also of the trim, wheels, interior and leather. We do this by using the very best chemicals & supplies available in the auto detailing industry today. The most important key is the wax/paint sealant and the leather conditioning. These three items on any car protects the most susceptible services to wear from any kind of damage and are included in the maintenance package as apposed to adding a significant expense to each detail.

  • Exterior Two Bucket wash method

  • Clean wheel wells

  • Waffle weave towel dry

  • Dash & Door panels wiped down                      

  • Tires Dressed

  • Interior vacuum

  • Door & trunk jambs cleaned                                                                                                          

  • Cup holders cleaned

  • Glass & mirrors cleaned

  • Gloss paint enhancer                                                                                                                             

  Hand Wash & Vacuum
  • Hand Wash

  • Dry exterior (Waffle weave-towel)

  • Door & Trunk Jambs Cleaned

  • Dash Cleaning                                            

  • Window & Mirror Cleaning

  • Wheel & Tire Cleaning

  • Complimentary Spray Wax                                                                                           

  • Cup Holder Cleaning

  • Tire Dressing

  • Fragrance                                                               

Interior Spruce Up

Your auto interior is first air purged and vacuumed to remove dust and dirt as well as other debris from your car interior including floor boards and hard to reach cracks and crevices. Leather and vinyl parts along with trim are treated and detailed so they look like new. The dashboard, door panel, consoles, pockets, gages are given special attention. we also spot treat interior, upholstery & carpet and shampoo by hand and deep clean with heated extractor to remove stale odors, grime and along with ground-in dirt.

  • Interior Vacuum

  • Dash & Door Panel Cleaning

  • Clean Vents

  • Trunk Detail

  • Plastic & Vinyl Sealing with UV Protection if preferred

  • Carpet, Mat, & Seat Shampooing & Steam

  • Clean & Protect Leather

  • Fragrance

Exterior Wash & Wax

Your vehicle is washed utilizing a two bucket wash method to prevent scratches when washing. We prepare the vehicles paint by using clay bar that will remove embedded contamination that still remains after a maintenance wash so that your paint will be as smooth as glass.  This will ensure that the wax adheres to the clean, prepped paint.

  • Hand Wash with pH balanced soap

  • Carnauba Wax or Sealant

  • Bug & Tar Removal

  • Wheel & Tire Cleaning

  • Window Cleaning

  • Dry Exterior 

  • Clay Bar Service

  • Tire Dressing

  • Door & Trunk Jambs

Exterior Wash
  • Hand Wash

  • Waffle Weave Towel & Air Dry

  • Clean wheels & tires

  • Windows Cleaned

  • Tires dressed

  • Bug removal

Ozone Deodorization
  • Make sure you keep your car smelling good and sanitized with services starting at $49.99

  • Ozone Deodorization & sanitizing of interior &a/c ducts using a commercial UV ozone generator. UV ozone machine doesn't produce harmful toxicgases & burned smells associated with cheaperOzone generators.

  • Neutralizes Odors & Freshens interior

  • Eliminates odors naturally without harsh chemicals

  • Can be used independently of other services or add to"The Works" or Wash & wax packages for a discounted rate

  • Completely Safe & environmental friendly

  • Leaves nothing Behind but clean fresh air.

  • Engine Shampoo $39.99

  • Headlight Restoration $124.99

  • Machine Polish & seal windows $74.99

  • Opti Fabric Gaurd $125

  • Polish Rims starting at $19.99

  • Scratch Removal (in person assessment only)

  • Premium Quality wax's available

  • Exterior Trim Restoration $19.99 & up

  • Premium Quality Paint Sealants (protect for up to 1 year)


Pro Bike Detail

  • Foam Wash

  • Remove bugs

  • Rims Cleaned

  • Windshield & Mirrors cleaned

  • Blow dry                                                                                                      

  • Seat cleaned & conditioned

  • Spray Wax                                                                                                 

VIP Bike Detail
  • Pro Detail Premium Hand Wax, all painted areas

  • Foam Wash                                       

  • Rims Cleaned

  • Windshield & Mirrors Cleaned

  • Blow Dry

  • Seat Cleaned & conditioned

  • Remove bugs                                                                                         

Unique's Finest
  • Foam Wash

  • Remove Bugs

  • Blow Dry

  • Windshield & Mirrors Cleaned

  • Polish all chrome

  • Premium Hand Wax

  • Seat cleaned & conditioned

  • Compound & Polish                                                                           


Hand Wash (Prices vary depending on size & make)

  • Hand Wash Exterior with wax-enriched soap

  • Pressure clean floor mats

  • Clean & Dress Tires

  • Clean door jambs

  • Vacuum interior if requested

  • Exterior Sealant

  • Clean Windows

  • Treat windshield with OptiSeal

  • Exterior Polish if needed

**Personal Belonging's inside vehicle should be removed prior to appointment**
**Not Responsible for missing or damaged items inside vehicle**
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