Headlight Restoration

According to the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety
  • Oxidized headlights can be found on 7 out of every 10 cars over 3 years old on the road.

  • Most drivers are likely driving with oxidized headlights that greatly need to be replaced.

  • Poor driving visibility is the leading cause of nighttime traffic accidents.Standard headlights show objects 150 feet ahead (which is the law in Florida).

  • Discolored, hazy headlights reduce a driver's night vision by 50% (75 feet). Oxidized, foggy headlights can decrease light projection by 75% (37.5 feet) of visibility exposing the driver to an even higher risk of being involved in a nighttime driving accident.ori

Florida Investigative News Story on Hazy Headlight Dangerl

If you’re having a hard time seeing while driving at night, check the surface of your headlights. The bulbs should be visibly clear while looking into the headlight housings. Your lights play an important factor in night driving as well as safety for you and others around you. The plastics used on your headlights can easily oxidize and turn yellow and unfortunately can’t be rubbed or washed off. Our special formulation of chemicals and technique applied just right will bring your headlights finish to the great clarity of what it once was when they were brand new.


Why spend hundreds of dollars for new parts and labor when you can keep your original
headlights intact and wait less than an hour for the service we provide. Most states will not pass your safety inspections if the headlights do not meet the proper safety code requirements. Save Money, Let Us Restore Them, Don’t Replace Them.

Over time a car's headlights become oxidized from UV damage and pitted from road debris. This damage is often referred to as "hazing" and significantly reduces the amount of light output causing night time and inclement weather driving to b e more dangerous. Headlight restoration restores optical clarity increasing light output and can save hundreds of dollars over the cost of buying new headlights.

Headlight Restoration & Opti-Lens Application 3-Year Warranty with receipt

  • Headlights are wet sanded, removing oxidation and pitting.

  • Headlights are machine compounded, removing sanding marks.

  • Headlights are machine polished removing compounding marks.

  • Headlights will be sealed using Opti-Lens, a permanent UV Coating.